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MercupW v1.2e: mercury/32 watchdog
A windows tool to warn if Mercury/32 goes down
  • sends e-mail via alternate server
  • restarts Mercury/32 - immediately after crash and once every 15 minutes, if mercury/32 did crash again within that time period
  • renames possibly broken queue files to avoid immediate recrash
  • WILL PREVENT Windows from shutting down, while running
  • PREVENTS the module windows of Mercury/32 from maximizing and closing
  • can handle multiple instances of mercury/32 (see instruction)
Users of v1.2 should consider upgrading to v1.2d.
More information can be found in the MercUpW FAQ
MercupW v1.1: mercury/32 watchdog
Users of v1.1 should consider upgrading to current 1.2 version.
MercupW v1.0: mercury/32 watchdog
A windows tool that sends you an e-mail if Mercury/32 goes down.

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